Jack Gledhill

Backend Engineer @ Streamcord, LLC

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Nooder Bot

Nooder is a Discord chatbot providing server administrators with the tools they need to moderate their community. In response to a growing user-base, Nooder Holdings commissioned me to design and develop their website with the goal of on-boarding potential new customers.

Oliver Strubin

When Oliver came to me, he initially only requested a landing page for his website. However, he later asked me to design and create a blog for him, including a separate dashboard so he could control it.

Companies I have worked with

My Projects

Over the years, I've made several of my own projects, many of which are now lost to the ages. Here's a few of my most recent and popular projects.


A pet project of mine that uses Machine Learning to identify potentially unwanted messages and take action appropriately.

Work In Progress


Hades is a project I'm currently working on with Streamcord. The system automatically deploys, manages and scales the company's other systems to match user demand.

Coming Soon


PiStat is a small and simple web dashboard that will track and display information about the host machine.

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CEO, Nooder Holdings


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